How to Start a Gasoline Fire

How to Start a Gasoline Fire Title Card

In the back seat of a broken down car
Aaron Cord and this girl Rachel had gone pretty far:

All the way, in fact: they went all the way,
In the back of a broken down four door Chevrolet,

Late one night, in a service station garage.
Her body, just moments before, seemed a mirage,

But no mirage ever felt like this;
No mirage delivered the long withheld bliss:

He was bursting through time, thrusting on, full blast;
He broke the sonic barrier; then just as quickly the moment passed.

Face flushed, body burned, he heard himself gasp.
He hoisted his trousers: ratcheting brass zipper, hook-and-eye clasp.

He swam in vapor-pure thought; he felt himself breathing heavily.
But then she spoke, and her words were like morning reveille:

"Your other girlfriend—her name is Kimberly Wallace?"
He glanced around nervously, said, "Yeah. Hey, look, my god, do you think anyone saw us?"

She kissed his lips, "So what if they did?"
His back stiffened: "Come on, please, just now at least, I don't think I can kid."

She covered her breasts with a Benetton shirt,
"You said—; I thought—; kid? That really hurt."

"I'm sorry; no, I really didn't mean—"
But he read in his head, An Eagle Scout always must keep himself clean.

He keeps himself clean in body and thought,
Aaron looked at this girl Rachel: had he done as he was taught?

An Eagle Scout must be in the pink of condition.
Her gorgeous soft body: the very word pink's complete definition.

An Eagle Scout sleeps in the open, both summer and winter.
And he could be in the open, back in the open, if she'd let him reenter.

He caressed her shoulder and apologized,
"You're right. I don't care if we were recognized,

"And I could care less if anyone saw."
She dropped her shirt, "Maybe, baby, buy me something nice at the mall?"

He kissed her; he held her hands; he said, "You bet,
"We'll go to Claire's, get you a pretty barrette."