Barbed wire gave the final knockout punch to Osage orange.

---Farm Bureau in Illinois: History of the Illinois Farm Bureau

"Barbed wire put paid
To orange Osage,"
Said Ora Thomas,
As he gave a jacking,
A pole-axe-skull-cracking,
To a shag mark,
A Schaumburg loan shark
And incurable cokie
Who'd been down to the cotton
When he and a bangster
Drifted into Bureau
(County Illinois),
Robbed the First State Bank
Of Manlius
And ended up in stir,
Force majeure,
Statesville prisoner.

The First State Bank of Manlius
(And only bank of Manlius)
Had racket protection—
Forced collection—
And now wanted action,
Or market reaction:
Payoff contraction,
Stayoff retraction,
Gangland infraction.


The bangster died in hitch,
Gangster snitch,
Prison bitch,
Raped with flitch,
Flatlined quick.

Cokie, though, was sprung
With a dose of prison tongue.
Ora Thomas got the contract:
The payday hack was tracked
Back to a dive in Schaumburg:
Body punch, slipper punch,
Body blow, slip-a-blow
To the solar plexus,
Libidinal cathexis,
Hit or miss,
Fist kiss,
Mauler out,
Scream and shout.
Nobody hears you;
Nobody fears you
After prison queers you.


You break it, you buy it;
You buy it, then try it;
Try it,
Supply it,
Deny it,
Then riot
And go silent.
See now you're good and quiet.

Thomas dumped the body
At the Motel Maserati,
Room three-two-zero:
"Stay out of Bureau."

Apologies made,
Protection policy paid,
And bank president gets laid—
Pussy highest grade—
On the house six months straight.
Or go the way of orange Osage.